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- 28th JUN 2024 Updated -

!!!Dear Visitors to Zenkōji Temple!!!

Should you still have a minimum of 5~6 DAYS before your arrival here, GOOD NEWS!

We can arrange for local volunteers to provide guided tours of the temple in English, French, or Mandarin Chinese tailored to your reservation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further enquiries.

We would be honour to offer you an opportunity to experience and immerse yourself in Japanese traditional culture here in Nagano.

Contact us
Takeo HANDA (Mr)
President of Nagano SGG Club BONSHŌ-NO KAI
Email: bonshonokai-spam-@yahoo.co.jp
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About us ...

"Nagano SGG Club BONSHŌ-NO KAI" is a volunteer group.

"Sharing Nagano with the World", we provide guided tours in languages other than Japanese. We offer our tours of Zenkōji Temple and the surrounding area, including Matsushiro, Togakushi, and Obusè. Our tours are currently available in English, French, and Mandarin Chinese.

Founded in September 1998, the year of the Nagano Winter Olympics, our group has a rich history. We have a dedicated team of roughly 50 volunteers. We coutinuously improve our guide skills through monthly and annual training sessions.

We have offical approval from the Masters' Board of Zenkōji Temple to conduct tours within the temple precinct.

"BONSHŌ" translates to "temple bells". Their sound, symbolic of cultural exchange, resonates around the world. By offering tours, we aim to fulfil visitors' desires to gain a deeper understanding of our traditions and culture as a whole.