English and Chinese volunteer tour guide group
Nagano SGG club Bonsho - no - kai

長野SGGクラブ 梵鐘の会

What is "Nagano SGG club Bonsho no kai"....
"Nagano SGG club Bonsho-no-kai" is a group of English and Chinese volunteer tour guides in Nagano. Our mission is to introduce our Japanese culture to you. To accomplish our mission, we offer volunteer tour guides for guests from overseas. "Bonsho" means"A bell of a Buddist Temple" ,We used this word as a name for our group because we wish that the sound of the bell will reach all over the world and as a result, bring Nagano to the world's attention.

If you want to have a contact with us ,please send a mail!!

A president of the volunteer group :
Takeo Handa
E-mail : bonshonokai-spam-@yahoo.co.jp
(Please remove -spam- from upper mail address when you send mail to us. This is to protect from spam mail.)

Please feel free to ask us any questions about volunteer tours.
We are very happy to offer you an opportunity to see and feel a part of Japanese culture in Nagano.